A nod to the Tolix stool

Chances are, you'll already be familiar with Xavier Pauchard's iconic TOLIX stool. Perhaps you've hoisted yourself onto one in an achingly trendy raw food cafe or simply admired their distinctive form after finding yourself in a bar with a pointedly "industrial aesthetic".


The TOLIX stool's recent resurgence in popularity is testament to the timeless appeal of design that embodies good form and function.

The stool was designed in 1927 and came about as a product of Xavier Pauchard's experiments with galvanised metal. The TOLIX range of stools and chairs soon became ubiquitous throughout factories, public offices and bars and cafes in France - prized for their robust, lightweight and weather-proof characteristics.

TOLIX recently recognised that it could widen its appeal by introducing more colours and finishes and BOY did that make us happy.

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Adeline ScottComment